Terms and Conditions

Immortal Fitness web site terms of use:

We’re very happy for you to use and enjoy our web site but please remember that the copyright in all text and design belongs to Immortal Fitness and its proprietor Stuart Lewington. For that reason, the web site – or any portion of it – may not be downloaded, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited commercially without our express written consent.

In addition, you must not use our web site in any way that causes, or is likely to cause, the site itself – or access to it – to be interrupted, damaged or degraded in any way.
We think that’s fair. If you disagree, or if you want to ask a specific question about the terms under which we make the web site available, please send an email to the address listed in the contact page

Please feel free to contact us to discuss these terms.

Bootcamp T&C Sessions

Please note that your membership is on a rolling contract basis.  This can be terminated by either party with a 30 day calendar notice,  required in writing. 

Yearly Membership 
Sometimes we offer members an upfront front yearly membership  at  a discounted rate please understand that this is a none refundable offer and we can not hold or pause Memberships of this type .

Once a contract is terminated then there is an option to renew.  However, this is subject to new joining terms and conditions including any new joiner fees.
We withhold the right to grant membership, this will only be used to maintain Immortal Fitness and existing members best interests. We do not freeze or offer reduced memberships, this is to maintain fairness and consistency. 

However, we are a family business and aware of financial hardships that can come about unexpectedly – in these rare cases please speak to us.


  • It is clients responsibility to answer the Health screen form honestly at the time of joining camp
  • Immortal fitness has full public liability insurance and music licenses.
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